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Judy "Escape Artist" Adams
Judy was the star of her living room from age 5.  She enjoyed singing and dancing for her stuffed animals, dolls, parakeet and anyone who would listen to her (but not judge).  Eventually, Judy graduated to singing at church, which she found to be a more forgiving and tolerant audience.  The thrill of the public spotlight created a monster in Judy, and she soon found herself unable to keep up with the throngs of autograph seekers and papparazi.  These days, Judy “acts” on the stage and creates lovely and stunning visual art pieces with glass mosaic.  But watch out...she’ll lure you in with her sweet voice and artistic talents.  And that is when she is at her most deadly!
Caren "The Hammer" Siegel
When she’s not swinging her hammer building houses for Habitat For Humanity, she can be found swinging her hips (and anything else for that matter) on the stage.  She loves music and grew up singing and playing the guitar around the campfire and in church.  But Caren is sorta new to the theatre (having been encouraged by her family to put her “drama queen“ personality to better uses.)  There are even rumors that she has been spotted playing Celtic music at coffee shops and restaurants.  But don’t let her beguiling looks and innocent ways fool you, she has quite a collection of power tools and we hear she’s not afraid to use them.

Cathy "Jiffy Pop" DuPont
Cathy may have been born in Minnesota, but thankfully she doesn't talk funny.  She is married to a wonderful man named "Bob" whom none of us have ever we're not even sure he's real.  She has 3 boys and 2 dogs whom she treats like children.  Cathy has lived in Florence since 1997, and she teaches Communications at LCC and SDCC.  She also subs at the High School, so you know that this gal is one tough cookie.  Besides wrangling high schoolers into submission, Cathy enjoys Cross-Stitching, reading, dancing and twisting her body into unnatural positions (yoga).  She earned her nickname "Jiffy Pop" from the fabulous hat that she wears in "The Last Ride." 

David "Big Daddy" Lauria
"Big Daddy" David got his start by playing innocent in front of Judges and Prosecutors. During his forced “rehabilitation” as a guest of the state, it was suggested that he find a more positive outlet for his dramatic skills. So naturally he ended up playing "Tony Bologna" in "Fredo & Fiona's Whacked Wedding."  As David will tell you though, this was really a stretch for him because “I’m really not like that at all! I’m innocent I tell ya! I’m just a big lovable Teddy Bear!”  David got bitten by the theatrical bug early - at age 7, when he played "Davey Crockett."  Since that day, he has portrayed a wide range of roles from Shakespeare to Murder Mystery. Our "Big Daddy" also likes to boss other people around.  He has directed many shows, most recently with The Last Resort Players.

Knox "Sea Dog" Story
Knox is 53 years old (or young) and has been married for 23 years to the infamous "Ginny."  By day he can be seen managing the Lower Umpqua Parks and Recreation District.  He likes to tell people, “I’m your tax dollars at work.”  Knox is also a Salmon fisherman—although his troller is heavily subsidized by his wife’s paychecks.  He is a talented actor who likes the idea of actually getting paid for acting stupid.  According to the “Sea Dog,” he plans to “shirk responsibility and run from maturity for the rest of his life.”  Watch out for Mr. Story...he’s a troublemaker!
Melissa "The Mistress" Anderson
Our little "Mistress" Melissa has lived in Florence for 3 years, and has literally been up to no good since she arrived on the scene.  First, she insisted on performing in an all female version of "The Odd Couple," followed by further mayhem in "The Apple Tree" and "A Christmas Carol" at the Florence Playhouse.  We first met Melissa when we cast her as "Candy Toblerone" in "Fredo and Fiona's Whacked Wedding," and we marveled at how well she took on the bumptuous bimbo character....almost as if it came naturally.  Melissa has lots of tricks up her sleeve, but she lists her hobbies as simply "playing with dogs" - her Blue Healer, that is....Maya. 
John "Jukebox Johnny" Flaherty
John Flaherty has quite a reputation in these parts for being disreputable.  Those who have seen shows in Old Town Florence, know that John is the owner and manager of the nefarious "Florence Playhouse," an extremely well known establishment for actors on the lam from the law.  John produces a summer season of shows each year, and gets his kicks out of taking names and filling seats.  John has an  enormous arts background, claiming to have hailed from the Big Apple....and we think we may hear a trace of an accent every now and again.  In his "previous" life, he was a parole officer and kept young gentlemen in line.  So be careful.   You wouldn't want to make John report you to the authorities!
Victoria "Sketchy" Seitzinger
Victoria is native to the Oregon Coast, with a propensity to draw things as she sees them.  Of course, she may not always "see" things the same wey you and I see them.  She begain dancing in 2001, and now taps up a storm each week, teaching tap classes at LCC.  Victoria's long list of stage credits rival that of a Broadway star.  She is also our resident Scenic Artist and is responsible for many of the beautiful backdrops that you may have seen gracing the stage at the Florence Events Center.  In addition to being an accomplished children's book illustrator, Victoria is also a horse enthusiast. never knows when she is going to head for the hills with her sketchbook and a gun. 
Jay "Market Man" Cable
Everyone in the coastal town of Florence knows about the treacherous goings on at Bridgeport Market in Old Town.  Notorious market owner, Jay Cable, oversees operations, and one doesn’t want to end up on his “bad” side.  (It is rumored that he uses rotten fruits and vegetables to torture those who dare to question his motive or authority!)  Some folks claim that Jay has a background in the performing arts, playing roles such as the lead in “Sugar” and the dastardly villains in the summer Melodramas.  Mr. Cable even won an award for being “Most Creative” in these parts.  But watch out for Jay….he’ll lure you in with his sparkling wit and debonair charm.  “The Market Man” is no “Mr. Nice Guy.”

Mathew "The Mortician" Korso
From an early age, Mat knew he wanted to be a performer.  From tightrope acts on his mother’s clothesline to impromptu cabaret shows after dinner, Mat always found an audience.  Rumor has it that Mat “never failed” a polygraph test, which was due in part to the supreme acting skills he developed as a young child.  Never one to turn down a role (or a biscuit), this southern terror has run the gambit from playing a chorus boy to Satan himself.  It was only after this dark theatrical turn that Mr. Korso decided murder would be the next logical step!  Mat’s dream is to one day be accused of killing someone (in a play, of course)!  Oh, and as for "Mortician"...let's just say he's had experience in that department.
Tamara "The Framer" Szalewski
Tamara is a partner and framer at Mindpower Gallery in Reedsport, by day.  This leads us to believe that she's not only good at framing fine art, but perhaps also....people?  Tamara  has 2 sons who both act, and she took up their challenge to audition to become a PPP.  While she admits that they didn't get their acting skills from her, she is following in their footsteps and learning from them.  As Tamara's last acting experience was in high school, she would rather not mention just how long ago that was.  Tamara has many interests, including sailing and scuba diving, which is probably why she absolutely loves the idea of being a pirate!

Larry "Johnny Midnite" Spencer
Johnny was born in Memphis, Tennessee, the same year Elvis graduated from Hume High School.  The legend that he passed down a boatload of his musical talents is just that, a legend in his mind.  In his spare time, Johnny often provides "heroic" performances in plays and melodramas around town, and has also been known to serve as a rum-runner on a ferry boat in the Islands of Borneo. 
Debbie "The Pretty One" Waiss
Debbie's family says "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story," and "The Pretty One" Waiss has taken that to heart.  She was always a bit of a ham and found herself striving to make people laugh from the time she was in Pampers (if it meant a good story was involved).  Debbie has worked on every aspect of the theatre...from backstage to onstage.  She has been a nun (multiple times) and a drunk (almost as many times).  Just don't let "The Pretty One's" innocent act fool you.  She believes that "Life is all just an act," and since she's onstage....she might as well just enjoy every minute of it. 

Desiree "The Starlet" Gaoiran
Desiree feels most like herself when she is portraying someone else, but she has yet to ask her psychiatrist if that is normal behavior. Desiree hails from Coos Bay, and has performed with Little Theatre on the Bay for over 18 years!  She has also portrayed the "Heroine" in the Sawdust Melodrama a couple of times, and has been in some local short films and commercials.  While Desiree may be a new company member of the Poison Pen Players, we have a feeling that she will quickly become one of our "usual suspects."  Watch out for "The Starlet" because we all know that looks can be deceiving!
Jamison "Einstein" Smith
Jamison came to our attention during a recent performance when other audience members overheard him exclaim, "I'd kill to be a member of the Poison Pen Players!"  He makes a pretty nifty stiff, too.  His parents were very active in community theater in suburban Chicago, and he landed his first walk-on role at age 4.  With the exception of playing Mr. Jordan in Heaven Can Wait in the mid-1980s, Jamison's stage presence was on hiatus since high school....till he met us.  He spends his days luring unsuspecting victims to Florence in his Group Sales job at Three Rivers Casino & Hotel.
Jason "Funny Business" Wood
Jason is thrilled to death to be joining Poison Pen Players and looks forward to many seasons of murder. A  transplant to the Oregon coast, his extensive background in professional theatre and improvisation started in Los Angeles.   Jason has played many lead roles in plays and musicals, and he even studied with the prestigious "Groundlings" school!  He is also a private voice and piano instructor.  Though he has never killed anyone or solved a real mystery, he is confident that he'll be bringing plenty of blood to the table.  Hopefully not your table......

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Jacob "The Blade" Ternyik
Jacob is fairly new to the wonderful world of theatre, but has certainly dived in....head first!  Jacob holds the distinction of being Poison Pen Players' youngest company member....ever!  Audiences may remember him from his most recent turn as the "Beast" in C.R.O.W.'s production of "Beauty and the Beast Jr."  When Jacob isn't playing a scurvy scalawag, he works as a receiving clerk at Three Rivers Casino and Hotel.  Husbands, heed this warning from Jacob:  "Better keep close watch on your wives, or Blackbeard's treasure chest won't be the only thing that gets stolen!" 

Genevieve "Bubbly" Meltzer
Genevieve is thrilled to "take a stab" at being a Poison Pen Player, and by the look of things, it is certain that she'll become a regular character.  Taking the lead from her daughter, Siarrah ("Seussical Jr." / "Beauty and the Beast Jr."), Genevieve started out by using her talents behind the scenes.  Most recently, she worked as Assistant Director of the smash comedy play "Lend Me A Tenor" at the Florence Playhouse.  Genevieve hopes that you will enjoy her performances...and if you don't, she says she'll just "sink your ship with her twin cannons!"
JC "Desert Debutante" Summers
JC’s notorious crime spree began in drier climates, where townsfolk often referred to her as the “Desert Debutante.”   Ms. Summers loves to tap dance, which proved difficult on sand, so she quickly relocated to the OR coast.   Immediately upon arrival, she became a Mob Queen and starred as “Monica Bologna” in “Fredo & Fiona’s Whacked Wedding” at Three Rivers Casino.  She was so successful in her stint as the wife of a sand stealing mobster, that she soon became a “Hot, Hot, Hot” dancer at the FEC.  When she’s not in jail, the “Desert Debutante” can be seen hiking, painting watercolor artwork, taking singing lessons or running marathons.   Rumor has it...she keeps in shape so as to better escape police pursuit.