Shooting Gallery & Audience Mugshots

 These are just a few of our favorite moments at some of our favorite locations over the years.  We could not do what we do, without wonderful YOU! Please click on any image to enlarge it.  Got a great shot?  Send it to Thank you!

The Florence Playhouse
Improv Island
Improv Island
A Fool & His Money
Dead in the Sled
An Elfie
Three Rivers Casino
Florence Events Center
A huge audience
Ready to go at 3 Rivers
Buck & A Quarter Band
Buck & A Quarter Band
Super Sleuths
Red Lion Salem
Big K Guest Ranch
Our awesome sound man, Chris Owens
Big K Guest Ranch
Interogating the suspects
Dead in the Sled
Don't mess with this pirate queen!
Two lovely wenches
Some stowaways!
Ask me anything!
A wolf in them thar parts!
Ready to entertain in Astoria
Our lovely Emcee, Ellen
Watch your tail!
Listening to clues!
'56 Vicky
'56 Vicky